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Yubinbango 150-0041Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Jinnan 1-22-7 Iwamoto Building B1F

One of our number one things we wanted to do in Tokyo was to try a bowl of delicious ramen and for this trip, we decided to try Ichiran in Shibuya. While lost in Shibuya Station looking for Ichiran, we went up to a local who directed us to where the go but commented:

“Why do you Americans love ramen so much?”

I don’t know but how could I not eat ramen while in Tokyo? That’s like not going to In-n-Out while in California! Charles and I have been eating ramen since 2009 so ramen isn’t a new “trend” for us but something that we’ve always enjoyed and we knew we needed to eat a bowl of ramen while in Tokyo. So I brushed off the question and after getting lost AGAIN, finally ended up finding Ichiran NOT inside Shibuya Station but nearby.

Anyway, if you’re looking for Ichiran, you may miss it (because it took forever for us to find it) but I’m going to let you know how to get there (at least in Shibuya).

Wander Hour - Ichiran

going down to the stairs to Ichiran and a photo of the vending machine

At the Shibuya Crossing outside the station (Hachiko exit), you will see Starbucks across the street. Look to the right and you will see Zara also across the street. Cross the street and walk pass Zara and keep an eye out for the stairs pictured above. You will go down the stairs and inside where you will see this vending machine.

At this vending machine, you will order your ramen, sides, and drinks. I picked ramen (no refill), Ichiran premium vinegar, dried seaweed, extra garlic, and their tea.

Wander Hour - Ichiran

 seating on the inside and a paper to customize your ramen

When you’re done with the vending machine, tickets will come out and don’t forget to take them! Not sure how the seating worked but we managed to just walk in and sat down since there wasn’t a wait, no one came up to us, and we watched as people sat themselves down. We picked our seats, sat down and the bamboo “blinds” in front of you rolled up to reveal the workers/waiters who took your tickets and handed you a piece of paper. This paper is where your can customize your ramen from the spice level to how firm you want your noodles. Having tried a ramen in Honolulu at it’s spiciest level (and thus not being able to enjoy it as much as I probably would have if I kept the spice level to a minimum), I opted for a 5 for the spice level.

Wander Hour - Ichiran

When I was done, the waiter (worker? not sure what to call them) took my paper and in no time, my bowl of ramen and my sides appeared out of nowhere. The bamboo blinds rolled down so I can enjoy my time with my ramen, me, and myself. I tossed my extra garlic, my dried seaweed, and poured the vinegar onto my ramen. I mixed it up and proceeded to eat what must be one of the best ramen I have ever had in my life (and I’ve had a lot). The spice level was perfect. I’ve never had vinegar in my ramen before but it sure added a different layer to the overall flavor that I’ve never experience in my previous ramen adventures. Oh and the broth! Oh my was it creamy and perfect.

I didn’t expect anything less as far as ramen in Japan. I’m sure that are a lot of amazing ramen shops all over Tokyo (and Japan for that matter) that Charles and I can’t wait to go back but for next time, we’re just going to stop at a random ramen place instead of relying on Yelp and Tripadvisor! I find that those places you stumble upon are sometimes the best hidden gems!

Have you had ramen before? Where’s your favorite ramen place located?

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Happy Friday everyone and I hope you all have wonderful things planned for the weekend. I haven’t thought as far as the weekend yet but we’ll see what it may bring!

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  1. I’m very hungry after reading this post! Eating ramen will definitely be on my list of things to do when I finally plan a trip to Japan. I can’t say that I’ve had ramen at many places, but my favorite place is Orochon in Little Tokyo. I guess I better take advantage of the fact that I’m still only 20 minutes away from Little Tokyo and eat ramen more often.


  2. Omgosh yum, this place looks so good. We went to a popular ramen place at the edge of Shinjuku and Shibuya that that was amazing too…except our ordering machine was all in Japanese and didn’t have any photos heheh.