Roppongi Hills

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

 view from Sky Deck

Roppongi Hills

If there is anything that I love when it comes to traveling, it’s finding the best city views. I will always be a city girl before anything else and when I was in Tokyo, I knew I had to find the best spot to view the city. Enter Roppongi hills; a wonderful complex full of shops, restaurants, exhibits, museums, a Premium Malts Fest that was going on, and what not. Granted we were lost the entire trip we were in Tokyo and Roppongi Hills was no exception. I was on a mission; to find the best view of the city and that was Tokyo City View in Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills.

Before the trip, I was a bit confused as to where exactly I needed to go (I mean, did you see the last sentence from the previous paragraph, it’s slightly confusing) but after being there, I know exactly what to do. So here it goes:

  • The entrance to the Mori Tower museum is not actually in the tall building itself. You would have to look for a separate circular building (from what I recall but I’ll get back to you on that haha) that has a bridge on the third floor. That building has an elevator that goes to the third floor that connects to the large tower. You walk over the bridge to where you buy your tickets. Also, if you’re near a spider-looking art/structure/statue, you’re in the right area.
  • Buying tickets can be confusing, as it was for us. We ended up paying for a package which included the museum and Tokyo City View. As we took the elevator up to the top, I noticed that there were several exhibits going on: Naruto and Star Wars. The Star Wars exhibit (which was included in our package), was where the City View was. Charles mistakenly saw the Sky Deck sign and assumed that was where I wanted to go. Turns out, you have to pay extra so we paid extra on top of our tickets to head to Sky Deck. Sky Deck was awesome though! You are basically at the the roof of Mori Tower and you can see a panoramic view of Tokyo. The first photo that you see was taken at Sky Deck. We (Charles and my brother Kris) spent a few minutes up there marveling at the beautiful cityscape.
  • We headed back down to where City View and the Mori Art Museum was at and entered Tokyo City View and the Star Wars exhibit.
  • The blue hour photo of Tokyo Tower (pictured below) was taken at City View. The downside with City View (compared to Sky Deck) are the windows. As a photographer, there are certain things that I do to get the perfect shot. Because City View has windows (versus on a roof at Sky Deck), there were reflections caught on the photo. To eliminate these reflections, I had Charles hold up my black coat. Turned out well!
  • Naruto was extra (and we paid extra since Charles wanted to view the exhibit).

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view from City View


 the photo on the left was taken at City View while the photo on the right was taken outside of the Naruto exhibit (same floor as City View)

Amazing views right? Depending on whether you want to go on the roof or not, I would highly recommend Sky Deck. Being out in the open with amazing views of the city is just so much more perfect than being behind glass. Do you have any favorite observation decks? Hopefully you guys are enjoying the week! See you all on Friday!

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    1. Oh you might! I love Tokyo so much! Such an amazing city to visit! I was so in awe of everything there! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend!

  1. These photos are absolutely of Tokyo are breathtaking, Katherine! I admire how dedicated you always are to capturing the best views of a city. Also, thanks for all these tips. I’ll make a mental note to come back to this post when I visit Tokyo(whenever that happens!), so that I know how to navigate my way around Roppongi Hills. 😀


    1. Thank you so much Helen!! Photography is my craft so I try my best to put out my best work even if it means going the extra mile for a beautiful shot! And no problem! I hope the tips help for when you visit Tokyo in the future! Have a lovely weekend Helen and thank you so much for stopping by!