Wander Hour - Oaken


130 Quay St



New Zealand

Oaken is another one of Britomart’s restaurants with amazing decor and aesthetically pleasing dishes. The wooden-paneled walls, wood furniture, and large windows with natural light peeking through makes this restaurant a sight to see (and one to photograph for sure). My brother and I dined here for breakfast on our last day of Auckland and a great light breakfast so we can eat more throughout the day!

Feijoia & Pear Juice

Wander Hour - Oaken

One of my friends who moved to Auckland told me to try feijoia describing it as almost like a guava but not really. I’m one to try new things (especially when it comes to fruit; minus durian though) so I decided to try this feijoa and pear juice. I loved my juice. I can’t quite explain the flavor of feijoa but it’s almost creamy and tarty in taste for me. It’s definitely delicious though!

63.5 Degree Eggs, Bacon, Rock Melon Water, Mustard Oil, and Nasturtium

Wander Hour - OakenMy brother ordered this dish. I overhead the waiter explain the diners next to us that the 63.5 eggs is cooked less than poached eggs and therefore softer. My brother enjoyed his dish but again, the portion was too small just like Ortolana. The bacon was really yummy (but when is it not?).

Coddled Egg, Wagyu Bresaola, Celery, Parsley Stalk, and Chives

Wander Hour - OakenThis is the dish that I ordered. Although the coddled egg was something I wasn’t expecting I enjoyed the wagyu bresaola so much. My brother and I both agreed that it tasted like cheese but in a good way! Just like Ortolana, the egg yolk was deep orange color.

I would definitely take Charles here when we’re both in Auckland. The service was great and the prices were fairly reasonable. I might want to try a dinner menu the next time around! Happy Monday friends!

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