Wander Hour - Giapo

Giapo // Yelp

279 Queen St

Auckland 1010

New Zealand

Oh my indulgent. If you love sweets, you get your money’s worth with these decadent ice creams my brother and I devoured in Auckland. Tucked in between tall buildings and on one of Auckland’s busy street, Queen Street, Giapo is an ice cream paradise for those who seek more than just the basic cone and ice cream scoop on top. These fancy ice creams will set you back about $15 (US dollars) but I wasn’t lying when I said you get your money’s worth with these sweet indulgence. I ordered the Giapo Buono with a deluxe cone: a beautiful cone dipped in white chocolate and decorated with freeze dried blueberries which were carefully placed on the cone to mimic polka dots. To be honest, I don’t quite remember what was in it but it was sweet! The next time I’m at Giapo, I’d go sans deluxe cone but maybe not for photography purposes. Isn’t it Instagram worthy? Happy Wednesday friends!


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