Miss Moonshine’s


Wander Hour - Miss Moonshine's

Interior of Miss Moonshine’s

Miss Moonshine’s

Lot 3, 130 Ponsonby Rd


Auckland 1010

New Zealand

During my last trip to New Zealand in May, I had scratched the surface on Ponsonby, a little neighborhood in Auckland. Reminiscent of Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, Ponsonby was right up my alley with cute cafes and boutiques from clothing to home decor. It was imperative that I spend some time not only shopping and browsing but also dining at of one of their many restaurants. I have spent some time researching various restaurants and cafes to visit but settled on Miss Moonshine’s.

Miss Moonshine’s is a bit hard to find as it’s not exactly on Ponsonby Road. I would explain it in great detail but I’m not quite familiar with the directions in New Zealand. Just know that when you follow the map and turn into one of the streets, you’ll then have to turn into a little alleyway where you’ll find the entrance of Miss Moonshine’s.

I should take a moment to comment on how beautiful the interior was inside Miss Moonshine’s. Everything that I want in a future home can be found in most restaurants in New Zealand. I’m loving the loft-y feel of Miss Moonshine’s and the hardwood floors.

Cocktails and Appetizers

Wander Hour - Miss Moonshine's

K Road & Beach Bunny

To start off with drinks, my family and I had a few cocktails. The K Road and Beach Bunny were definitely on the sweeter side so if you’re into that, I highly suggested trying these! The K road was mine and I wanted something with passion fruit. This drink had passion fruit moonshine but the watermelon overpowered the passion fruit in my honest opinion. It really tasted like candy though!

Wander Hour - Miss Moonshine's

Old Fashioned & cauliflower cheese with crumbs

More cocktails and some starters. My mother likes vegetables so she opted to have the cauliflower cheese with crumbs.

Wander Hour - Miss Moonshine's

Free-range popcorn fried chicken, creole butter, chipotle mayo, and crispy sage

The popcorn fried chicken was my starter. I had something totally different in mind when I ordered popcorn chicken (you know, like the ones you get at boba joints) but I literally got popcorn and chicken. I’m always a little wary with trying anything with chipotle flavor as growing up in Southern California allowed me to be a bit of “snob” with those ingredients. I was quite surprised that I enjoyed the flavor! The chipotle mayo was delicious and the chicken was yum.

Wander Hour - Miss Moonshine's

Mac N’ cheese balls, streaky bacon, and truffle mayo

Mac N’ cheese balls if you’re into that kind of thing. I was too full from my popcorn chicken appetizer to try this (as I was saving for the main courses)

Entrees and Dessert

Wander Hour - Miss Moonshine's

Beef brisket with collard greens 

I ordered the beef brisket with collard greens as an entree to share. The flavor though was unexpected though and reminds me of the barbecue from Phil’s BBQ in San Diego: tangy. The meat was delicious though sans the flavor. I know that a lot of people find Phil’s BBQ delicious so if you love Phil’s, I’m sure you’ll love Miss Moonshine’s

Wander Hour - Miss Moonshine's

Beef short ribs and dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate foam, raspberry sorbet, and almond chocolate soil

My brother ordered the short ribs. You may have seen in my Instagram stories how easy the meat from the short ribs fell off the bone. It was a melt-in-your-mouth kind of entree. As with the beef brisket, the flavor is a bit too tangy for my liking though.

For dessert, we ordered the dark chocolate mousse with white chocolate foam, raspberry sorbet, and chocolate soil. This was a perfect and refreshing dessert after all the food we ate.

Overall, I enjoyed the dining experience at Miss Moonshine’s. We had lovely service as well and would probably go back to try other dishes! If you’re in Auckland and in Ponsonby, I’d give it a try.

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