Sky Tower


Sky Tower

Victoria St W & Federal St

Auckland 1010

New Zealand

I am one to never say no to a view from an observation deck. I thrive in cities and seeing views from above is always a favorite activity wherever I go whether it be Top of the Rock in New York, Tokyo City View in Tokyo, or Skydeck in Chicago, I am always in awe of city views. Sky Tower in Auckland is no exception.

It was a beautiful and sunny winter day in Auckland when my family and I went up the Sky Tower. Although I had previously went the last time I was in New Zealand, it was absolutely beautiful the second time around. When the lift (elevator) operator noted to us that the sky was clear and visibility is as far out as the eyes can see (and all the way out to the Coromandel Peninsula), my eyes were in for a treat.

Wander Hour - Sky Tower

Looking over the central business district

I have not seen such a clear day such as this day. The details, the color, and the contrast were so visually stunning, I could not stop taking photos.

In fact, it was such a beautiful day, people were jumping off Sky Tower. If you’re looking for adrenaline-inducing activity, you can jump off the Sky Tower. I haven’t tried as my fear of heights always keeps me from doing such activities. But you can see them jump off and it’s pretty cool to see.

Wander Hour - Sky Tower

Panoramic view of the waterfront

There were two levels you can view from at the Sky Tower. The first level is wear you can see the people jump. This level also has small glass floors throughout the floor. Very reminiscent of Skydeck in Chicago! The second level is where you find the view from above: floor to ceiling windows, a favorite of mine.

What I particularly enjoyed about my time in Sky Tower was the emptiness. When I was there in May (it was autumn at the time), there were so many people. Not exactly crowded, but compared to my recent trip, there were a lot. This time, I was able to take this photo and many more for a long period of time.

Sky Tower is definitely an attraction to visit if you’re ever in New Zealand. Is it as grandeur as other observation decks around the world? Probably not. But I love the humbleness of Sky Tower (and New Zealand in general) I’d go back again and again.

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