Interior and Charles’ caramel latte

Reissue // Yelp

Tokyo is unlike any other city I’ve been to. Growing up, I’ve always pictured Japan to be super かわいい – which is kawaii in hiragana meaning ‘cute’ in Japanese (my level of Japanese is at toddler-level at most in speaking, reading, and writing). I’ve imagined everything would be cute: cute anime, cute dresses, and cute desserts. And since my first trip to Japan in 2015, I’ve found that every single time I go back, I look for something more かわいい than the last.

Wander Hour - Reissue

My cafe mocha

Reissue wins in the cute category. You know how I feel about cute desserts right? Well Reissue is a must if you are in Harajuku and in need of some cute lattes. Located on the second floor somewhere near Harajuku (I included a link to their Yelp page which I hope you can link to your maps on your phone), it is a quaint spot with lovely interior. Charles and I ordered a caramel latte and a cafe mocha (respectively) and paid extra for crazy latte art. For Charles, he wanted a 2D latte art of my face on it. The barista took a photo of me using his phone and then asked me what I wanted. I decided to have a cafe mocha with a 3D foam art of Curry! I proceeded to show him a photo of Curry and he then took a photo of the photo for reference.

Although it took some time, we were eager to wait for the results. He worked on Charles’ first and when he placed Charles’ latte on the table, we both were ecstatic with the result! It is literally an anime version of me (and spot on if you ask me)! The barista then went to work on mine and let me tell you, when he was done, I was blown away by his talent. Next time around, I need to get his name! Overall, Charles and I found Reissue to be one of the highlights of our trip. Although it took some time for the barista to create his art and it costs quite a bit (we paid roughly $20 for both), I’d say it was worth every yen! Check it out if you’re in the area!

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