H&M turtleneck, dress from Harajuku, H&M coat, Zara boots, and Barneys New York bag


Sale season has been unkind to my bank account. Take for example this amazing camel coat I found in Tokyo for about $30. Not that I really needed another coat in my closet BUT how could I not resist it? The leather boots was actually an older find from when I was in LA last summer. The dress was from Harajuku at the time I was there. In fact, I found it for about $7. I wish I could say that was all that I bought but I’d be lying.

But the upside is, more clothes means more outfit posts for the blog (and on Instagram – which you can find me there more than on here, at least for now). Until then, I have tons of projects to work on with brands and can’t wait to share them with you! Happy Thursday (or Friday wherever you are)!

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  1. I think one of the benefits of having a blog is that it serves as an outlet to show off all your great sale finds. Nothing is worse than finding something wonderful and not having anybody to share your excitement. That dress you bought in Harajuku is amazing and I can’t believe you only shelled out $7! I’m looking forward to seeing you show off the rest of your finds. 😀