Tokyo Skytree


View from Tokyo Skytree and soft serve from the cafe inside

Tokyo Skytree

Whatever you do, if you’re in Tokyo, do yourself a favor and stop by Tokyo Skytree. It’s a bit of a train ride from Shibuya and there’s an admission fee but the views are amazing from the observation deck. Keep in mind that there are two observation decks. We opted to pay for one (the highest deck has an addition admission) and the views were outstanding.

Wander Hour - Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree’s shadow and a glimpse of Tokyo Tower

While we were at the observation deck, we grabbed coffee and soft serve. There is a little area you stay in to consume your cafe bites and drinks. Charles and I took our time as the views were as good as everywhere else on the deck.

After the Observation Deck

Wander Hour - Tokyo Skytree

Amazing view and food from Vie en France

As you leave the observation deck, Tokyo Skytree does the tricky thing by having different products on different floors. For example, I had bought postcards on one floor and as we went down to the next floor, that store had different postcards! As someone who is very mindful of how I spend money, I applaud Tokyo Skytree for their sneaky tactic to get my money!

As you exit, you come across lots of restaurants and shops (including anime shops!). Charles and I ended up eating at Vie en France and at that moment, we became obsessed with curry donuts. I love when the curry donuts are nice and crispy with the delicious curry inside. If you love Japanese curry, I highly recommend trying a curry donut in Japan. Instantly, it’s one of my favorite things to do eat in Japan (along with everything else; you really can’t wrong with it).

Between Skytree and Roppongi Hills, I really can not choose between the two as both are equally amazing. I will say that the food options at Skytree far exceeds Roppongi Hills in selection. Roppongi Hills has a rooftop observation deck that gives it an edge over Skytree but both have their own views that the other can not beat. If I had to choose though, Skytree would be it! Happy weekend!

For my more information on Skytree (such as admission), check out their website HERE

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