wearing Zara top, Zara skirt, and rings (this and this) gifted by Mejuri


Disclosure: Mejuri sent me beautiful rings and all reviews/opinions are of my own. 

Growing up, my parents always loved sales: after-Christmas sales, Black Friday sales, coupons, anything to save money. They never paid for anything full priced. As I got older (and I guess, more financially responsible) coupled with my degree in economics, I realized how important it was to always wait for a good sale. I’m not saying that I always buy items on sale (some things just never go on sale), but I do my best to spend less whenever I can!

That said, I had been eyeing this top and skirt combo from Zara for awhile now. Yes, they are separates but could totally pass as a dress! They were originally a little less than $150 together but during the sale, I ended up paying $25.99 for the top (versus $49.90) and $39.99 for the skirt (versus $99.90). I ended up paying about $65.98 (not including tax) for the two items together instead of $149.80! I saved about $83.82! It’s definitely a risk you take when you wait for a sale, but I think it’s so worth it (and generally, Zara items do not completely go out of stock – although some have, most items do go on sale).


Wander Hour - Frills

I wore my outfit with Mejuri rings that they sent me as a gift. These rings are beautiful and I’m obsessed. I’m not one to wear jewelry that are too flashy so Mejuri’s dainty rings are right up my alley! I chose rose gold as I wanted rings to match the engagement ring I want (always thinking ahead haha) and these rings are my new everyday rings for sure. I wear them whenever I’m out and about! What I love most about the open ring with the black diamonds are that the diamonds are conflict-free and socially responsible diamonds. Anyway, I have so many rings I want to add to my collection! Have you checked out Mejuri yet? Let me know what pieces you are in love with!

Have a happy Monday friends!


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