Japanese Souvenirs


Sour lemon candies & Tokyo Banana

Japanese Souvenirs

Having gone to Japan a total of five times (and probably will be going back every so often), I now will always have my go-to souvenirs for when I get back. You know, those souvenirs where you have to get it each and every time you visit a place you love. Yea, there are those occasional shopping buys and random knick knacks you come across but there are few a things I get my hands on ever single time I go to Tokyo and I’m happy to share them with you:

tutuanna Socks

Wander Hour - Japanese souvenirs

The cutest socks from tutuanna

I wasn’t much a sock wearer until my very trip in Japan. Before then, I would always steal socks from Charles whenever I had to wear boots or sneakers. A lot of times, the awkwardness of going through TSA with longer than life socks was always met with embarrassment. Prior to that very first trip, I had read about always having socks in hand in Japan for whenever you have to take off your shoes. Figured it was time I finally bought socks. My first mistake was buying them here in the States. They were cute socks but not at the same level of “kawaii” as Japan’s.

The first time I came across cute socks were from tutuanna on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. For 1,000 Yen, you can get yourself three cute socks (some socks weren’t 3 for 1,000 Yen but it’s easy to tell which are part of the deal). I’ve been to two tutuannas in Tokyo: one in Harajuku and the other in Shibuya. But really though, check out how cute these socks are!

Tutuanna isn’t the only place to sell socks; there are various vendors and stores throughout Tokyo that sell socks! So keep your eyes peeled while sightseeing around Tokyo!

Lemon Candies & Tokyo Banana

Wander Hour - Japanese Souvenirs

Sour candies are my fave and the lemon sour candies in Japan are so good. I bought two from Daiso and the other at Don Quijote. Many of you are familiar with Daiso and Daiso in Japan (versus LA or even Auckland for example) is way better. You can find the top candy as well as the bottom right at Daiso. Super Lemon was bought at Don Quijote. I actually remember Super Lemon from my childhood! I always stock up on lemon sour candies whenever I’m in Japan and these three are my faves.

Tokyo Banana is the most popular food souvenirs of Japan. Ask anyone who has been to Japan, they’ll tell you about Tokyo Banana and I’m here to tell you about it! There are several flavors (like an original flavor as well as exclusive flavors to certain airports and attractions) but my favorite would be the Banana Caramel Custard Cream. So basically, it’s a like a Twinkie but with a delicious banana caramel custard inside. Yum! It’s about 1,000 Yen for this box and I was able to grab it at the Haneda Airport but you can find them all throughout Tokyo.

Aside from shopping for clothes in Harajuku or finding souvenirs at Asakusa, these are my go-to souvenirs whenever I go back! Forgot to mention that I also love to stop by the Nike store in Harajuku for their Japan and Tokyo exclusive shirts! But I’ll save that shirt for an outfit post in the future.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what are you favorite souvenirs from your favorite places!

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