Ichiran Instant Ramen


Ichiran Instant Ramen and it’s contents (noodles, soup base, and red pepper)

Ichiran Instant Ramen

Wander Hour - Ichiran

Ichiran in Shibuya

Anyone a fan of Ichiran? I am and after two years since I first tried Ichiran in 2015, I recently discovered they sell INSTANT RAMEN back in September 2017. Easily saw this as an opportunity to blog about my experience (well, me and Charles’ experience) and this is a long overdue post. Keep in my mind, I’m not a dedicated food blogger so I’ll just summarize the steps (versus detailed steps) and our thoughts in this post.

Where to Find

Wander Hour - Ichiran

You can find these at Ichirans in Japan but I discovered that they also sold them at Don Quijote and for a slightly cheaper price! Those who are not familiar with Don Quijote, it is a grocery, discount chain from Japan but they have two locations in Hawaii so we were familiar with it and wanted to check out the one in Japan where it originated. The box that we bought came with five and the price was pretty reasonable. Yea, it’s not those cheap $0.50 ramen but you get what you pay for!


Wander Hour - Ichiran

Egg and pork belly

Before hand, Charles cooked soft boiled egg and pork belly then placed them in a marinade: soy sauce, mirin, ginger, and garlic.

More Prep: Green Onions and Garlic

Wander Hour - Ichiran

Wander Hour - Ichiran

Cut the green onions and garlic for garnish!


Okay, this is where it gets really spotty because of the translation since the instructions are written entirely in Japanese. My elementary-level Japanese isn’t going to help me at all as far as translating it so we used one of Charles’ translation app to figure it out.

  1. Boil 450 ml of water (whatever that is)
  2. Place the noodles in the boiling water. Depending on the hardness, either cook it for 2 minutes or 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  3. When the noodles are cooked, add the soup base and stir well
  4. When done, transfer the broth and noodles into a bowl.

Bring It All Together

Wander Hour - Ichiran

Add the noodles to the soup, the pork belly, egg, green onions, garlic, and pepper and serve! Our broth to noodle ratio was off (more noodles than broth) but I feel as if it was due to our calculations being wrong (450 ml converts to 1.90 cups – still don’t know why it was off though haha).


It’s pretty good for an instant ramen I will say. Is it as good as what you get at the actual restaurant? Absolutely not. But given that I live about a 7 to 9 hour flight from Tokyo and an 11 hour flight from New York, I don’t necessarily have the luxury to indulge on delicious Ichiran ramen so bringing home Ichiran instant ramen is the next best thing.

Have you been to Ichiran?

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Unicorn latte and nutella toast


675 Auahi St.

Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

Last year, I discovered Paiko in Honolulu; a gem of a boutique full of local flowers. In a light-filled room, gorgeous proteas and monstera leaves sat in jars, ready to be picked by those who choose to lighten up a room with flora and foliage. To my right, is that a coffee shop I see? A flower bar and coffee? Genius. What more to marry the two things that I love (flowers and coffee of course) in one beautiful space. At that time, it was Brue Bar, a coffee shop I only got to know once in my life. If you’re asking, it was that exact moment.

At that time, I was living in Ewa Beach, which is probably a mission in itself when it comes to commuting. Traffic can go for hours and being in Honolulu was seldom compared to now. Currently, I live in Honolulu and just a few minutes from Ala Moana, Waikiki Beach, and Chinatown. These days are spent trying new restaurants as well as frequently visiting establishments that I know and love. To be honest, I haven’t gone to the beach as often as I liked to because of that reason alone which is food.

I finally made my way back to Paiko and discovered that Brue Bar was gone and in it’s place is Arvo. They weren’t officially open at that time but they were able to serve us delicious coffee. I was please with what I ordered and vowed to come back as they plan on serving food (the didn’t serve food the day that I visited).

I have since then visited Paiko and Arvo many times. It’s the place to be seen if you’re in town and one of my favorite places to go to while on a “coffee date”. I have since tried their nutella toast topped with strawberries, bananas, and edible flowers. A little pricey at $6 but delicious nonetheless. If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen the my photo of the prettiest latte that I have ever seen: the unicorn latte. This latte is definitely dreamy and magical all at the same time. It’s sweeter than a normal latte but one of the prettiest lattes that I have ever seen.

If you’re Honolulu, find your way here for some delicious coffee and take a look around Paiko for gorgeous flowers and Instagram’s favorite leaves: monstera leaves! There is a parking garage at SALT at Our Kaka’ako. Make sure to get your ticket validated!

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Around Auckland


Around Auckland

Auckland is one of the largest cities in New Zealand. Despite it being the most populous city in the country, it’s quite small compared to other metropolis all over the world such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, or even Seattle. You can quickly walk up and down and all over and tackle most of the Central Business District (CBD) in one day if you choose to do so.

Mojo Coffee

Wander Hour - Mojo Coffee

Interior and mochaccino

Before our long, four-hour drive to Tongariro National Park, my family stopped at Mojo Coffee on Durham St. to grab a mochaccino before our drive. This is my second time at Mojo as my brother and I visited their location in the Auckland Art Gallery. I love it as much as I love Starbucks (but what does that say about me? Haha). Mojo is somewhat of a chain in New Zealand and there are various Mojos in Auckland. This particular one was right be our hotel (Barclay Suites).

Wintergarden at the Auckland Domain

Wander Hour - Auckland Domain

You might have remembered my joy and excitement when I first visited the Wintergarden back in May. That joy may have subsided on my recent visit as the garden wasn’t as “dreamy” as it was in May. Still, it was beautiful to browse through their new “collection” of flowers I suppose.


Wander Hour - Scarecrow

Beautiful blooms at Scarecrow and gorgeous anemones

Although the Wintergarden was a lackluster in the winter, the flowers at Scarecrow were just as beautiful as I remembered. One of the flowers that stood out to me from the rest was the beautiful white anemones. It was dark, eerie, and screamed autumn in every possible way.

Although New Zealand is known for it’s thrill-seeking activities (Zorbing, hiking, skiing, and what not), if you’re into the city like me, I highly recommend staying in Auckland for a few nights just to get a feel of the city and try the various restaurants there (Miss Moonshine’s, Giapo, Brothers Beer, Oaken, and Ortolana to name a few). Until then, looking forward to my next trip back to this beautiful country!

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Wander Hour - Giapo

Giapo // Yelp

279 Queen St

Auckland 1010

New Zealand

Oh my indulgent. If you love sweets, you get your money’s worth with these decadent ice creams my brother and I devoured in Auckland. Tucked in between tall buildings and on one of Auckland’s busy street, Queen Street, Giapo is an ice cream paradise for those who seek more than just the basic cone and ice cream scoop on top. These fancy ice creams will set you back about $15 (US dollars) but I wasn’t lying when I said you get your money’s worth with these sweet indulgence. I ordered the Giapo Buono with a deluxe cone: a beautiful cone dipped in white chocolate and decorated with freeze dried blueberries which were carefully placed on the cone to mimic polka dots. To be honest, I don’t quite remember what was in it but it was sweet! The next time I’m at Giapo, I’d go sans deluxe cone but maybe not for photography purposes. Isn’t it Instagram worthy? Happy Wednesday friends!


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Wander Hour - Oaken


130 Quay St



New Zealand

Oaken is another one of Britomart’s restaurants with amazing decor and aesthetically pleasing dishes. The wooden-paneled walls, wood furniture, and large windows with natural light peeking through makes this restaurant a sight to see (and one to photograph for sure). My brother and I dined here for breakfast on our last day of Auckland and a great light breakfast so we can eat more throughout the day!

Feijoia & Pear Juice

Wander Hour - Oaken

One of my friends who moved to Auckland told me to try feijoia describing it as almost like a guava but not really. I’m one to try new things (especially when it comes to fruit; minus durian though) so I decided to try this feijoa and pear juice. I loved my juice. I can’t quite explain the flavor of feijoa but it’s almost creamy and tarty in taste for me. It’s definitely delicious though!

63.5 Degree Eggs, Bacon, Rock Melon Water, Mustard Oil, and Nasturtium

Wander Hour - OakenMy brother ordered this dish. I overhead the waiter explain the diners next to us that the 63.5 eggs is cooked less than poached eggs and therefore softer. My brother enjoyed his dish but again, the portion was too small just like Ortolana. The bacon was really yummy (but when is it not?).

Coddled Egg, Wagyu Bresaola, Celery, Parsley Stalk, and Chives

Wander Hour - OakenThis is the dish that I ordered. Although the coddled egg was something I wasn’t expecting I enjoyed the wagyu bresaola so much. My brother and I both agreed that it tasted like cheese but in a good way! Just like Ortolana, the egg yolk was deep orange color.

I would definitely take Charles here when we’re both in Auckland. The service was great and the prices were fairly reasonable. I might want to try a dinner menu the next time around! Happy Monday friends!

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