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Wander Hour - Obsolete


It’s amazing how quickly things become obsolete in such a short time. One such thing is the xD picture card. I have a ton of memory cards in a box and although SD cards are what makes up a majority of memory cards in my box, I find a few xD picture cards that are not supported by either my MacBook or my memory card reader. The mystification that lies embedded in those memory cards are killing me. What kind of photos do I have in there? What will I find? Surely, they are works from years passed but seeing how much I’ve grown is always fun. Almost, if not all, of my photos that I have on this blog were taken with a Canon. An xD card? That was when I was using an Olympus DSLR from years ago. Now that’s what you call a throwback. Will I ever find out? I hope so.

The above photo is one that I took of the Grand Canyon in 2010, the year that xD photo cards became obsolete. I stole this from one of my social medias (hence the grainy texture) and I want to be able to access it. Maybe somehow I’ll find a way to access those memory cards.

But anyway, Hawaii has their own little Grand Canyon on the island of Kauai: Waimea Canyon. I’ve never been outside a one mile radius from the Lihue airport in Kauai but I do plan on going soon. I’ve always been intrigued by the Garden Island. Actually, I do want to make it back to the actual Grand Canyon. A road trip would be so ideal right now. I can’t quite do that here in Hawaii. Technically I could, but I’ll be going around in circles. You can really drive around the entire island in one day!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! As for me, I went shopping at Nordstrom Rack and came up with some Steve Madden leather platform sandals shoes for $32.22! Can’t wait to wear it! Happy Week!


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