January Outfits


January Outfits

Another month leaves us and now we enter the second month of the year. That was fast! January was full of highs and some pretty low-lows (hello, missile alert?) but with lots of birthday and celebrations in January, I got to dress up quite a bit! Decided to round up my outfits for January in hopes of posting more! So here goes:

Curry’s Birthday

Wander Hour - January Outfits

at Dawn top (in white and black), Zara skirt, and Lack of Color The Russo straw hat

My little love, Curry, turns 10! We decided to take him to the beach as well as a nearby coffee shop to hang out. Gave him lots of treats and lots of kisses! I wore an at Dawn off the shoulder top with a Zara skirt I got on sale over the summer. I found the Lack of Color hat for $30 at a sample sale (assuming they used it for a shoot and no longer needed it?).


Wander Hour - January Outfits

Reformation dress

Wearing one of my favorite Reformation dresses as of late, this dress is what I wore for me and Charles’ anniversary shoot. I can not believe we’ve been together for 15 years! I mean, I believe it but the fact that Charles and I started dating when I was 15, our relationship is as old as I was when we first started dating! Anyway, I love, LOVE wrap dresses. It’s so easy to wear yet looks so good.


DISCLAIMER: My lovely friend gifted me these earrings and all reviews/opinions are of my own.

Wander Hour - January Outfits

MA.GA.NDA oval marble earrings (gifted), H&M dress, hat from Gillia

One of my favorite outfits from the month; this was so easy to wear yet looked so put together (if I say so myself). My wonderful friend started MA.GA.NDA and sells super cute earrings. She gave me the oval marble earrings as a birthday present and I’m obsessed! Definitely check out her website!

For February, I hope to do more outfit posts (assuming the weather cooperates as it’s pretty humid and voggy on the islands as of late). Charles and I will be traveling soon so I’m sure I’ll have more outfit posts then. Happy weekend!

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Cropped Flares

Wander Hour - Cropped Flares

H&M Trend top (was on sale for $4.99 but sold out online), Zara mini flares ($29.90), H&M jacket, Zara shoes, Barneys New York backpack, and H&M Trend sunglasses (was on sale for $12.99 but sold out online)

Cropped Flares

When flares came back, I was a bit hesitant at first but after years of skinny jeans and then boyfriend jeans, I figured I give flares a try again. They were growing on me and I’m glad that they were. These cropped mini flares are so much fun and definitely a lot better than the flares I wore during my pre-teen years! They were only $29.90 so I don’t feel too bad about buying them but it looks like I’ll be investing in more styles like these!

To be honest though, I was a bit disappointed on the wash. It looks a bit different than the photos shown on Zara’s website. Not entirely different but I’m picky and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Nonetheless, I’ve worn these jeans quite a bit since I ordered them for the style alone. Now hunting down more cropped flares! Happy Tuesday!

EDIT: For reference, I’m a 5’5″ 

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Back to Square One


Back to Square One

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been one crazy week for me but I’m happy that my MacBook is working, I finished working on my last photo shoot after starting all over (but on to a new set of photo shoots next week), and I can finally go back to working on the blog (for reals this time). It feels good.

For my Friday posts, I like to compile random photos in one photo diary for some reason. Trying to be consistent and so far it’s been working: Monday is a food post on a restaurant, Wednesday is an outfit post, and Fridays are for photo diaries. I know, I didn’t get to do an outfit post this week because of unforeseen circumstances which made me focus more on, “How am I going to save all of my files? What if I can’t save my files? How am I going to edit an entire photo shoot in a few days? What if my MacBook problem is bigger than it really is? I can’t afford a new MacBook right now. That’s stupid, I JUST got my MacBook not even a year ago and it’s broken.” than “What should I wear with this dress? I have nothing to wear.” You can imagine my stress but everything is semi-okay now. As you all ready know, I lost all of my edited photos that I’ve been working so I had to start from square one. It’s a bit overwhelming BUT as I was editing photos from when my mother and my boyfriend’s family was here over the summer as well as newer photos, I found photos that I haven’t put on the blog so yay here it is:

Island Home





Photos that I took from around our home including from the sky: a view of where we live from the plane, the lounge chairs and umbrella from the beach nearby, and various sunsets photos that I took from the backyard. Living in Hawaii has it’s disadvantages though: high cost of living (extremely high), geckos, and living in a very old home. But hey, I’m not complaining.




Living on your own really forces us (my boyfriend, my brother, and myself) to think outside the box. When we moved here, we didn’t know ANYONE but only one person in the entire island. Imagine it, moving to an island (the most isolated island in the world in fact) and you don’t know anyone. It’s a bit hard and stressful albeit it being a very rewarding experience but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Point is, we’re kind of on our own here so we love to cook to save money. We really can’t go to our mom’s house for food like we would if we were living in California. I’ll be honest, my boyfriend loves to cook more than I do and here’s what he made so far: Parisian gnocchi from scratch with brown butter sauce and Wingstop inspired fries. I LOVE Wingstop and I was so glad that they opened one here on the island BUT it’s always a lot of fun when you can cook it yourself (AND you save money). These two dishes were pretty amazing and we’re excited to try to make pork buns soon.

PS: I took these photos at night and they turned out pretty well. I’m not a fan of flash photography but we’re usually cooking at night and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take awesome photos of the dishes my boyfriend makes so I decided to play around with my external flash and voila! Photos that look like I took them during the day.

Nico’s Pier 38


Nico’s Pier 38 is the restaurant I love to go to after I land from my flight. I love it so much that the bartender knows my face and what I order which is furikake pan seared ahi (medium rare) with ginger garlic dipping sauce. Furikake, for those not familiar, is dried seaweed and sesame seed. This restaurant is a place I recommend for delicious fish!

Waiola Shave Ice



Waiola Shave Ice is one of the best shave ice on the island (if you want to know the other places, check out this Friday Five: 5 Shave Ice Places in Oahu post). I always get POG (passion, orange, and guava) with mochi and condensed milk. My boyfriend got sour apple and guava while my brother got creamsicle and calpico. The shave ice is absolutely fine and definitely refreshing on a hot day.

Curry the Yorkie Terror


Don’t let his cuteness fool you, he can be a terror sometimes. He’s pretty overprotective and thinks he’s 10 times bigger than he really is. Despite all that, I love him to pieces!



If you’re visiting the islands, don’t forget to get shrimp from the shrimp trucks! Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck is the most popular from the bunch. I plan to visit more so I can have a post exclusively for shrimp trucks. Anyway, I always order the shrimp scampi!

Dole Plantation


As touristy as it can get, Dole Plantation is where every tourist likes to go to when they visit the island. Nothing wrong with that, I love going to Dole Plantation even as someone who lives here! I only really go for the Dole Whip though.


Hoping you all have a lovely weekend! It’s “supposed to rain” tomorrow, as in, there is a 50/50 chance that it will rain so who knows what this weekend brings. What I do know is that we’re going to attempt to make pork buns, Ippudo NY and Momofuku style so we’ll see how that turns out. What are your plans this weekend?

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Island Life


Island Life

For today’s post, I decided to compile photos that I’ve taken in the last week or so. Not too many photos as my posts before since I’ve been really busy but enough to bring you all to a virtual tropical vacation! Kidding aside, I hope you guys had a wonderful week!

Lanikai Beach






One of my favorite beaches to lay out and swim in is Lanikai Beach! It’s been voted, numerous times by various publications, as one of the top beaches in the world (as one can see, it’s pretty gorgeous in real life as it does in photos). The day that we went, it was very, VERY crowded which was unusual since all of the times that we’ve went, it wouldn’t be that busy but it was! And I just noticed that it doesn’t even look like it’s crowded (silly me) but we were in one of our favorite secluded part of the beach.



Photos from the beach near our house. It’s a short drive to the beach from where we live (it’s less than a mile from where we live) but my boyfriend and I prefer to walk our dog there to get in our daily exercise (for us and for your dog).

Aloha Tower


Last Saturday, I did a photo shoot with my friend and here’s a photo from our walk to the location. I love finding unexpected places to take photos. I didn’t have a plan: I didn’t have a location, a style, inspiration to go off of but the photos turned out so good! One of my best work yet!

It’s Friday already and the weekend is here! Do you guys have plans this weekend? My boyfriend, my brother, and I will be heading to a new coffee shop I found on Yelp near North Shore tomorrow to try out some local coffee. What’s your favorite coffee shop to go to where you live (or even when you travel)?

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5 Acai Bowl Places in Oahu


Jewel or Juice

First of all, What the heck is Acai?

Acai, pronounced ah-sigh-ee is a berry that is full of antioxidants that can be found in the Amazon.  It is dark purple in color, and I have never ever seen it as an actual berry, but have only seen it in packages where they have already been blended and frozen. Acai bowls are blended acai, almost smoothie like, topped with fruits, granola, some type of sweetener, along with a whole array of other toppings.

I don’t know how it came about or why I was curious to try it but it all started back in California when I tried this awesome place in Torrance (Beach Bowls Acai Cafe if you’re curious). I asked my friend if he wanted to tag along with me to try it out, he agreed, and I’ve been loving them since. Acai bowls seems to be pretty popular on the island and there seems to be an abundant number of places that serve them so I went on a mission to try 5 places to get acai bowls in Oahu! Like with the shave ice post, these are in no particular order but a means to help you decide which one (or ones) to try out!

Here they are:


1. Diamond Head Cove Health Bar

Diamond Head Cove Health Bar - Acai Bowl
Diamond Head Cove Health Bar is located on Monsarrat Ave near Diamond Head. I stumbled upon this place after driving all the way from the Westside to try out this new-ish shave ice place but found out that it was closed. That didn’t stop us from wanting to try something new. I noticed that this place was across the street so we decided to try it out. I can tell this place is pretty popular with the locals and tourists since it can get busy inside and I had to wait in line. What to order? I ordered the Mana Bowl with acai, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, bee pollen, granola, and honey. The honey (raw honey) here is like no other. It’s thick, tastes like sugar cane so it’s not too sweet, and has a grainy texture but in a good way (a really good way). I’m looking forward to coming back here!

2. Island Vintage Coffee

Island Vintage Coffee- Acai Bowl
Island Vintage Coffee has several locations throughout the island: Waikiki, Ala Moana Center, and Ko Olina. I’ve been to all of the locations and I used to go to the Waikiki location a lot as a tourist but I go to the one closest to my house which is in Ko Olina. The acai bowl here is as traditional as it can get with acai, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, granola, and honey. While you are over here, try their coffees and teas as well. My favorite is the coconut kona mocha!

3. Haleiwa Bowls

Haleiwa Bowls- Acai Bowl
I’ve blogged about Haleiwa Bowls before but I’m putting it on this list. Haleiwa Bowls has some pretty good acai bowls that you can customize! I usually order the acai bowl with mangos, strawberries, and coconut flakes with extra granola and honey! The place is small but they have a little patio in the backyard where you can enjoy your bowls. By the way, it’s such a cute patio! Great place to eat at before you begin your adventure or to go after a great day at the North Shore.

4. Salted Lemon

Salted Lemon- Acai Bowl
Located in Kalihi, Salted Lemon is an almost new shop serving up some pretty good (and pretty looking) acai bowls. I ordered the acai bowl which came with acai, apple banana, blueberry, strawberry, bee pollen, soy milk, honey, and granola. What I love about this place is how they set up the fruits in layers so they’re not stuck on the top! Genius I tell you! Another plus about this place is that if you dine in, they serve water in a mason jar!

5. Jewel or Juice

Jewel or Juice- Acai Bowl Jewel or Juice is located in Honolulu near Chaminade University. I was curious about the name and it turns out that they sell jewelry as well as acai bowls and smoothies which explains the “jewel” part of the name. But I didn’t go there for the jewelry, I went there to try the acai bowls! My boyfriend and I ordered the 24oz Warrior Bowl which consisted of a blend of organic acai, strawberries, bananas, and apple juice. For the toppings, it came with bananas, strawberries, kiwi, bee pollen, honey, and organic granola. For an additional cost, we added coconut shreds and goji berries. The acai blend itself was thick and definitely not watery. I wasn’t used to the honey here but the blend was definitely the star of the show!
So there you have it, 5 acai bowl places in Oahu that will fulfill your cravings for acai! Have you tried acai bowl before? If so, where do you go for your favorite? I would love to add it to my “places to try list”. If you have never had it, what’s your favorite frozen healthy treat?

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