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Instagram Monday

If you can’t tell, my Instagram has been full of wanderlust-ing photos. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was dreaming of tropical destinations (which I think is quite funny since I do live on a tropical island). My color scheme at the moment is full of dark hues: lush dark green foliage, blacks, the bluest oceans, hints of yellows, a touch of red, and the grayest skies. The allure of these dark hues mixed in with the beauty of nature got me dreaming of my next trip (wherever that may be but Kauai, Seattle, and Tokyo is next on the list). Anyway, I love doing these Instagram post. Although many of you are already following me (and if you’re not, be sure to follow me!), I like getting deeper into my photos; explaining my thoughts on a blog rather a fast caption that I’m sure many don’t take the time to read. I like to call myself a “visual journalist”. So here it is:

  • I sat at the beach with my brother in Kihei (and Charles opted to take a nap; oh did he miss out) while watching the sun burn through the sky. It’s amazing what Hawaii does to people when the sun sets. Everyone stops and stares west, with their phones and cameras out, hoping to catch what could be the most beautiful of sunsets. This is a photo that I forgot I took.
  • The dark green lushness of Road to Hana. This is by far the one thing I’m lusting over right now. If I can put to words how amazing Road to Hana is, I’m sure you will want to book the next flight from wherever you are but I’m not sure if I can convey it through my blog because there are no words. Here’s a view off the side of the road; a very remote and maybe inaccessible beach surrounded by foliage covered mountains that may or may not be untouched by man. The next time I’m in Maui, I’ll be sure to spend more than a day there. One full day on that side of the island wasn’t sufficient enough.
  • As clear as it can get; Lanikai never ceases to amaze me. This photo was shot on an iPhone. I am dreaming of Tahiti after finding this photo. Or maybe sand bars might be the easiest place to take photos rather than a flight out of Honolulu.
  • Tidepool swimming is my favorite and I’m waiting for summer so I can finally swim in places that are not swimmable at the moment. I have several photos in mind that I want to manifest onto the blog but we’ll see. It would require a housing for my DSLR which can be incredibly pricey and way out of my price range.
  • From the waterfall hike post you guys saw on Friday; wild blooms in a tropical rainforest.
  • If you’ve been following me for a bit, you would know that I’m trying to lose weight, eat healthier, and get in shape. Here’s my take; a Thai chicken larb salad. I usually eat it with rice but decided to eat it with spinach instead. I didn’t mind too much at all (I will admit that I had rice yesterday and today oops).
  • That Chloé inspired bikini from H&M (top and bottom)
  • My very first travel photo that I took using film. This was taken 12 years ago in Mexico. When I saw this photo after getting it developed, I was in awe with the colors and if there’s anything I want to achieve as a photographer, all of it is in this photo. I try so hard to achieve this color tone, albeit it being post-processed by me this time around, but the difficulties of doing so is due to how bright and airy Hawaii is. I’m liking this challenge though of seeing things around me and trying to emulate this photo’s color tone but in such a fresh-looking scenery. It’s like, I’m trying to get this moody photo in an otherwise cheerful place. Trying to find the balance between the two is key I guess.
  • Another photo from Maui at the Haleakalā summit.

As you can see, Maui has given me inspiration that I’ve been digging around for. It’s remarkable how one thing can influence so much of my work (that being Maui). I’m using this week to find photos of Maui and revisiting them with fresher, more inspired eyes. I hope you follow me and see how I progress as a photographer! What is inspiring you right now?

Hopefully you all had a fabulous weekend! I spent all day on Saturday running errands and buying groceries. Yesterday, we had our barbecue at our community’s beach. See you all on Wednesday!

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