Cult Gaia


Large Cult Gaia’s Ark in natural

Cult Gaia

One of the most beautiful bags that I have ever bought, Cult Gaia’s Ark in natural is the absolute staple in anyone’s closet. The style works so well with pretty much anything but most especially with pretty dresses when you’re out for a brunch date. I ordered the large last year; it’s perfect and I’m obsessed.

I have been eyeing their new design at the moment: the Lilleth. Definitely looking forward to adding it to my closet soon!

Which one is your favorite? The Ark or the Lilleth? Have a happy Tuesday!

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The Surfjack


Poolside and lunch at Mahina & Sun’s

The Surfjack

412 Lewers St

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

For four years, I have used the iPhone 5 as my smartphone. As each year that went by since 2012 and a new iPhone debuted to the masses, I’ve held back simply because my iPhone was in working condition. But don’t get me wrong, years prior (anytime before 2012), I was always updating my iPhone (from the iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 to iPhone 5). This time around, I decided to be more cautious on how I allocate money. But I finally gave in and I’m glad I did! Check out these shots I took while I was at The Surfjack over the weekend! I still love my Canon 6D of course but it’s great to have a phone that was able to capture these shots!

Wander Hour - The Surfjack

By the pool

Hope you guys had a great weekend (or at least try to be after the election). It’s been a stressful one for me as I’m moving to an new apartment this week. I’m excited for this new place though! Till next time

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Weekends at Home


Homemade tacos & Curry’s DIY pet bed

Weekends at Home

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated life here instead of the travel and style posts that I’ve been doing lately so I decided to devote this post on what’s been going on at home. Charles had his rotating weekend off this past weekend and we spent it mostly at home working on a DIY for Curry and him cooking tacos:


Charles left for the grocery store one morning and came armed with ingredients to make tacos. He’s been making his pork belly tacos lately but for this particular day, he decided to make Mexican tacos with homemade tortillas, carne asada, onions, cilantro, and a salsa roja that’s quite similar to King Taco’s salsa roja! It was super delicious and I absolutely love the shot I took of it.

DIY Pet Bed

Charles and I have been dying to do some sort of DIY for awhile now. Last year, we searched long and hard for a pallet but to our dismay, it could never fit in the car. One day, while we were running, one of our neighbors had a pallet that they didn’t want so we snatched it! We finally got around to making something out of it only a year a later haha.

First we had to grab the materials: a jigsaw, table legs, nails, and top plates for the legs. Charles then pulled the pallet apart by using the jigsaw. Once he got all the pieces, he laid them out like a table on top of two pieces of wood to hold them together. He screwed in the top plates and then the table legs afterwards and voila! A bed! We initially put a pillow on top by Curry had a hard time jumping on because of his short legs. I went to Ross today and found a faux fur rug and he was able to jump onto no problem!

Overall, this weekend was pretty busy but still pretty chill at the same time. My mother is flying in today so I’ve been cleaning around the apartment and doing the laundry before she flies in. We plan to take her out this week since last week was her birthday so I’m really excited! Hopefully I get to take some shots which I haven’t been doing lately! Happy Tuesday friends!

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Unicorn latte and nutella toast


675 Auahi St.

Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

Last year, I discovered Paiko in Honolulu; a gem of a boutique full of local flowers. In a light-filled room, gorgeous proteas and monstera leaves sat in jars, ready to be picked by those who choose to lighten up a room with flora and foliage. To my right, is that a coffee shop I see? A flower bar and coffee? Genius. What more to marry the two things that I love (flowers and coffee of course) in one beautiful space. At that time, it was Brue Bar, a coffee shop I only got to know once in my life. If you’re asking, it was that exact moment.

At that time, I was living in Ewa Beach, which is probably a mission in itself when it comes to commuting. Traffic can go for hours and being in Honolulu was seldom compared to now. Currently, I live in Honolulu and just a few minutes from Ala Moana, Waikiki Beach, and Chinatown. These days are spent trying new restaurants as well as frequently visiting establishments that I know and love. To be honest, I haven’t gone to the beach as often as I liked to because of that reason alone which is food.

I finally made my way back to Paiko and discovered that Brue Bar was gone and in it’s place is Arvo. They weren’t officially open at that time but they were able to serve us delicious coffee. I was please with what I ordered and vowed to come back as they plan on serving food (the didn’t serve food the day that I visited).

I have since then visited Paiko and Arvo many times. It’s the place to be seen if you’re in town and one of my favorite places to go to while on a “coffee date”. I have since tried their nutella toast topped with strawberries, bananas, and edible flowers. A little pricey at $6 but delicious nonetheless. If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen the my photo of the prettiest latte that I have ever seen: the unicorn latte. This latte is definitely dreamy and magical all at the same time. It’s sweeter than a normal latte but one of the prettiest lattes that I have ever seen.

If you’re Honolulu, find your way here for some delicious coffee and take a look around Paiko for gorgeous flowers and Instagram’s favorite leaves: monstera leaves! There is a parking garage at SALT at Our Kaka’ako. Make sure to get your ticket validated!

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The Claremont


Lo & Sons Claremont camera bag 

The Claremont

Disclosure: Lo & Sons sent me this product and all reviews/opinions are of my own. 

In 2003, I discovered my passion for photography. My family and I headed south of the border to Mexico to have lunch. It was a crisp, autumn day and it rained quite often throughout the day. We were at a seaside restaurant ordering seafood (I remember eating a shrimp cocktail, which oddly enough, is not my favorite dish ever) and I saw how beautiful the beach looked with it’s overcast skies. I quickly grabbed my disposable camera and took a shot that was so beautiful. This became the moment I fell in love with travel photography.

Wander Hour - Mexico

Shot in Mexico in the year 2003 with a disposable camera

Over the course of 13 years, I have had several cameras from point and shoot cameras to DSLRs. In those 13 years, I’ve only had one camera bag which I neglected to use. You know, those awful bulky, Canon camera bags. I attempted to use it for awhile but as someone who always carries her DSLR no matter where she is heading, it wasn’t necessarily the most fashion-forward camera bag.

The Bag

When Lo & Sons recently contacted me and sent me a bag, I received this beautiful Claremont in sienna. It is by far, the chicest camera bag I’ve seen to date. The craftsmanship is spot on, the leather is amazing, and the padded interior keeps your DSLR safe. There are two memory cards slots for those photographers who shoot a ton of photos as much as I do and shooting RAW takes up so much space! Always having extra memory cards is vital for those who shoot full time. Enclosed is a divider which can be used to separate the body and a small lens. Best of all, the divider is removal so you can easily take this bag from camera bag to an everyday bag seen above when Charles and I took time off to spend it at the beach. Thank you Lo & Sons for the Claremont bag!

I have my eyes on the Catalina Deluxe Large Weekender in midnight ash to use as a carry on for traveling. I love the various compartments and how it fits comfortably on top of a suitcase! Can not wait to purchase it.

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