Remnants of California


California Sunset - Wander Hour

San Francisco - Wander Hour

San Francisco - Wander Hour

Ranunculus - Wander Hour






Remnants of California

Remnants of home. A few photos of California in the last few years that haven’t been seen on this blog yet. I’m that type of photographer who has a hard time deleting photos from my memory cards because I love going back and finding new gems. It’s like seeing photos with fresher, wiser eyes, that keeps me from deleting them. I also take so much photos that certain images just get lost in the 1000s of photos in each memory cardI use. I’m pretty impatient (my boyfriend can attest to that) so I just skim through my memory cards. Time to break that habit so here it goes:

  • Of all the times that I took sunset photos in California, the sunsets seems to be stunning in the fall. Not sure why and I don’t have a scientific explanation about it, but I managed to get this stunning photo and another one the year prior (at the same exact time). This sunset photo was taken at my mom’s house. I believe it was taken in 2012. That month (semester) was the toughest semester that I’ve ever had to go through. I was taking 6 courses: microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, business law, law and economics, a geology lab (because I carelessly didn’t take it when I took the geology lecture), and managerial economics. Seeing the sunset was almost impossible since I was in school 5 days a week (who does that when they’re juniors?) and if I wasn’t in school, I was at home studying or taking a nap after those terrible all-nighters so I usually missed the sunset. I would be so upset whenever I woke up from a nap and my Facebook and Instagram feed would be flooded with sunset photos. The one time that I didn’t take a nap nor was I busy, it was such a spectacular sunset. I haven’t seen a sunset with this sort of vibrancy here in Hawaii but the one time it did flooded my Instagram and Facebook, I was in California.
  • San Francisco photos that didn’t make it to my San Francisco post because I admittedly overlooked them. Well that skyline photo is probably just a different variation, but hey I love it. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge. I had a different composition of the Golden Gate Bridge in my mind leading up to the trip but of course, it doesn’t always go my way and that’s the beauty of photography sometimes. I try not to have expectations and sometimes I’m just too hard on myself. I’m learning day by day to just do what I love and not worry about anything else.
  • Beautiful ranunculus flowers from that one time in the spring. I’m sure you all know that I love flowers. My current favorites are peonies, dahlias, and proteas.
  • Larchmont Bungalow red and blue velvet pancakes. One thing I miss about living in LA are the brunch options. I have spent hours researching places for brunch that’s reminiscent of LA but to no avail. I LOVE bottomless mimosas, eggs benedict, pancakes, and people watching. The closest that I’ve gotten to that would be Orchids at the Halekulani hotel. It’s at the pricier end, quite fancy, gorgeous restaurant, and delicious as far as food goes but definitely not comparable to LA’s brunch scene (but that’s not surprising). Maybe I’m not looking for a resort type of brunch; maybe I’m looking for something more city-like I guess.
  • Pretty roses from the boyfriend’s parent’s house. His dad has spectacular blooms in their backyard. His dad is more into the orchid varieties than the ones I’m fond of but they’re pretty nonetheless. This rose is actually his mom’s roses.
  • Daffodils from The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino. The Huntington is one of my favorite places to stroll back in California; such a beautiful place. Have very fond memories there when the boyfriend and I would have dates there.
  • Me and a bunch balloons for my mother’s birthday. It will be her birthday on the 19th!
  • Artwork found in the Arts District in LA. The Arts District and Little Tokyo was my spot when I was living in California. I was there at least once a week to eat at Shabu Shabu House, vegan sushi at Shojin, grab coffee at Cafe Dulce, macarons at ‘Lette Macarons or mochi at Mikawaya.
  • My home airport; LAX. I’ve gone through this airport so many times throughout my life that it feels like home. People love/hate this airport but my love for it is so strong.

This week and next is going to be crazy so I’m trying to manage my time as efficiently as I can. It’s been overwhelming but I’m going to get through this. What’s your secret to manage your time? I feel like there is just not enough hours in a day to get everything done!

I want to thank everyone person that has continued to visit my blog so far.  I just love sharing everything that I’ve captured and experienced with my readers, and the comments and feedback is what makes it so worthwhile! If you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin!

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Waimanalo - Wander Hour

Waimanalo Country Farms - Wander Hour

Waimanalo Country Farms - Wander Hour

Via Gelato - Wander Hour

Banzai Pipeline - Wander Hour

Pineapple - Wander Hour

Tide Pools - Wander Hour

Wander Hour

 photos by me and charles


I’m sure that the Instagram savvy readers have heard of the hashtag #photooftheday. Well I decided my weekly diary to be appropriately titled #potw for “photos of the week”. Apologies in advance though for a post that’s not too photo heavy but I promise to go out more soon so I can have an endless amount of photos to show you! The weather here has been pleasant lately which I’m really excited about. The trade winds are back after being pretty much nonexistent in the last few weeks. The swells at the North Shore are high right now which can only mean one thing: winter is almost here! North Shore winter waves are one of the best and surfers from all over the world flock to the island to surf some of the biggest (albeit dangerous) waves. The temperature here during the winter drops (only slightly). That said, I might, just might, be able to get away with wearing a leather jacket but that might be wishful thinking. But anyway, here’s my roundup of photos for the week:

  • Waimanalo Beach and it’s goodness. Unfortunately, I didn’t pack a swimsuit that day so I just sat in awe of it’s beauty from the shoreline. I actually have never swam here before (just the nearby beaches). That has to change.
  • Pumpkin, I choose you! Went to the pumpkin patch at Waimanalo Country Farms and I’ve been wanting to go since last year. I love pumpkin patches!  There are currently two pumpkin patches on the island and we went to this one first (since the other one has yet to open). It is lovely, picturesque with the lush mountains in the background on one side and if you look out of the parking lot, you see the blue ocean (Waimanalo Beach). It was perfect. There were tons of families, lemonade stands, and a country market.
  • Devoured some Via Gelato in Kaimuki. My choice of flavor? Coffee and salted caramel. The boyfriend ordered pumpkin crunch and salted caramel. My brother got cinnamon bun and salted caramel. Apparently, salted caramel was the flavor of choice for all three of us.
  • Ehukai Beach at sunset or as it’s famously known as: banzai pipeline. During the winter, the waves here are insane and only the professionals are found in the waters because of the dangers here. Yea, I won’t even TRY to attempt swimming there in the winter. In the summer time, the waves are much calmer and user-friendly but like Waimanalo, I have yet to swim here.
  • Went to Costco to buy groceries and was in search for strawberries but for some reason, they were sold out so I got a pineapple instead. Can’t wait to eat it; it smells so good right now!  When I went to Dole Plantation the other month, I learned how to pick and cut a pineapple; The eyes of the pineapple should be even and big. The color doesn’t matter so much. When you cut the pineapple, make sure to soak it in water to get rid of the acid which was a mind blowing fact since I ate pineapples a lot before but always commented on how my tongue was always fuzzy after eating it (and soaking it in water stops it!). Who knew?
  • Another floating photo from the tide pools. This tide pool was found on accident while hiking with the boyfriend and his brother. We didn’t quite make it to the actual destination but found this place instead and have been going back since. I’m not the best swimmer and I have a (very rational) fear of swimming where I can’t touch the floor. Well, I overcame that fear and was snorkeling at the deep end that day and it was way too cool, almost National Geographic-like. Luckily the rocks were like shore breaks and the waves weren’t affecting me too much except one time when it literally pushed me towards the rocks while I was snorkeling. I proceeded to end my snorkeling right then and there and towel dried myself. I don’t mess with Mother Nature.
  • This leaf photo was just too good not to share. I love the colors in the photo. So deep, rich, and tropical.

This weekend, I’ll be heading to the second pumpkin patch and some photography adventures on Sunday. What are your guys plans this weekend? And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin for updates! You can also follow me on Instagram for instant updates!

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Happy Friday everyone and hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Happy Aloha Friday!

ko olina sunset

koolinasunset - happy aloha friday









Happy Aloha Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week. I have a few photos that I found in a few of my memory cards (yes plural because I somehow use up an entire memory card like every month):

  • The sunset photo is actually a recent photo. My boyfriend and I headed west to chase the sunset and this is a photo that he took. There’s so much color going on in that photo and I love it.
  • And then, my obsession with palm trees continues. Whenever a palm tree opportunity comes up, I take it and run with it. Here’s the result.
  • An obligatory airplane photo from the plane en route from LAX to HNL last month. Can not wait to hop on a plane next week-ish.
  • Last weekend, we took an adventure and found one of the clearest, and one of the most bluest waters on the island. I can not wait to go back and take a dip in that water. This humidity is not for me and I just want to cool off and swim.
  • Dole Whip: either you know or you don’t know but you’re really IN THE KNOW if you know where the dole whip self serve machine is at on the island because my boyfriend and I discovered it one day. But anyway, when you visit O’ahu, you MUST visit Dole Plantation either before North Shore or after. Touristy, yes, BUT as someone who lives here, I find myself there all the time and it’s for the Dole Whip only. And I know they have one in Disneyland but it tastes better in Hawai’i! Trust me, you’re at a pineapple plantation!
  • Another North Shore favorite: Dat Cajun Guy. My favorite is the buffalo shrimp and I love ordering a side of their sweet potato fries. So yummy. You may have seen this Instagram post that also featured Dat Cajun Guy; now I’m craving it! Must go to the North Shore soon. Also, if you love shrimp trucks, keep an eye out for a post on Five Shrimp Trucks on the Island. I’m so excited to try the various shrimp trucks here in O’ahu. I’m really a foodie at heart and I love trying new places.
  • North Shore adventures in an old outfit photo from a few months ago wearing a hat from Target and a beautiful dress from Asos which I happened to break the other week. Need to find a seamstress soon so I can get it fixed.
  • Fresh mango from the mango tree in our backyard from last month. I haven’t seen any mangos on the tree lately. It’s no longer mango season I guess?

I’m pretty excited for this weekend. We’ll probably do adventures around town except on Sunday. It’s supposed to rain on Sunday and when it rains here in Hawai’i, we like to try out new restaurants or anything thats unrelated to outdoor activities. Not quite sure though, I need to check out the forecast but even that could be unreliable.

What are you plans for the weekend? I would love to know!


UPDATE: So I checked the forecast and it’s sunny all weekend (unreliable weather app I tell you haha). Looks like we’ll be heading to the beach!

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Hello Friends! Hoping you guys had a nice, relaxing weekend! Here are a couple photos from my Instagram.

  • Took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday, in what felt like one of the most humid day ever (but it probably wasn’t), but to find a gorgeous sunset makes me forget the stickiness. I don’t know why, but during those terrible humid days, I find that the sunsets are prettier. Don’t quote me on that though. My expertise isn’t with meteorology but with just taking photos of a pretty sunset. Just something that I have observed.
  • Next up is a photo that my boyfriend took of the John Hancock building when we were in Chicago last year. My wanderlust is stronger than ever right now and I can’t wait for our next trip soon (like real soon and I’m really excited)!
  • On Saturday, my boyfriend, my brother, and I hung out at my now favorite tide pools on the island. I hung out poolside while they took a dip. The water was so crisp, so clear, it made me forget the long, HOT, walk we took to get there.
  • A sunset photo from the North Shore. Whenever we’re in the North Shore, the sunset isn’t as spectacular as like the first photo. EVERY TIME. But it’s still gorgeous nonetheless.
  • Wingstop finally came to Hawai’i! It felt like home (home as in my California, mainland home) to eat there. Who doesn’t love Wingstop? Can they bring an In-N-Out already?
  • Blue waters at our community’s beach. Isn’t it pretty. It’s a shame that I don’t swim there often.
  • Best tea on the island. My favorite tea ever from Patisserie La Palme D’or in Ala Moana Center: sweet tea with pineapple jelly! A twist on the plantation tea. I kind of want one now.
  • Fruit stands at the North Shore. I find myself at the North Shore a lot lately. I love the relaxed atmosphere over there.
  • So my boyfriend and I started to eat healthier and this is my tropical take on it: strawberry pineapple infused water. Pretty good but it sure was time consuming cutting up the fruits for it.

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Happy Aloha Friday



clearwater2 - happy aloha Friday


Happy Aloha Friday! Please excuse the site maintenance that is going on at the moment. My boyfriend and I switched my blog over from Blogger to WordPress so we’re tweaking the blog here and there. And yay, I got my own domain! In the meantime, enjoy these photos that my boyfriend and I took from our adventures around the island.

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