Cropped Flares

Wander Hour - Cropped Flares

H&M Trend top (was on sale for $4.99 but sold out online), Zara mini flares ($29.90), H&M jacket, Zara shoes, Barneys New York backpack, and H&M Trend sunglasses (was on sale for $12.99 but sold out online)

Cropped Flares

When flares came back, I was a bit hesitant at first but after years of skinny jeans and then boyfriend jeans, I figured I give flares a try again. They were growing on me and I’m glad that they were. These cropped mini flares are so much fun and definitely a lot better than the flares I wore during my pre-teen years! They were only $29.90 so I don’t feel too bad about buying them but it looks like I’ll be investing in more styles like these!

To be honest though, I was a bit disappointed on the wash. It looks a bit different than the photos shown on Zara’s website. Not entirely different but I’m picky and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Nonetheless, I’ve worn these jeans quite a bit since I ordered them for the style alone. Now hunting down more cropped flares! Happy Tuesday!

EDIT: For reference, I’m a 5’5″ 

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Taranaki Falls


Taranaki Falls

The trail to Taranaki Falls is a beautiful trail inside the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. This is the hike we decided to do while we were there. I was looking for something scenic, beautiful, unusual, and a waterfall was an absolute must. Taranaki Falls fit that description.

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

The start of the trail with a view of Mount Ngauruhoe

The start of the trail is located right behind the Chateau Tongariro in Whakakapapa Village (this is the hotel we stayed at while we were in Tongariro National Park and I’ll do a separate post soon) and because the trail is a loop, you will find two entrances. We took the first one.

On the way to the waterfalls, you will be able to see Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom for Lord of the Rings fans), and Mount Ruapehu. Amazing sight for sure. The trail can get muddy so wear appropriate footwear! I was wearing super these super comfortable boots I found at Nordstrom Rack for $27. They were leather and super comfortable! It just might be my “stylish” boots for hiking.

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

Tussocks everywhere

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

And more Tussocks

The hike will take you through a field of tussocks. I couldn’t stop taking photos of them as they were so beautiful and vibrant in color. Although it was winter in New Zealand, the colors of the landscape reminded me of autumn, one of my favorite seasons ever (followed by spring).

This part of the hike is exposed so if you do this during the day, make sure to put sunscreen!

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

The stream along the trail

 Soon after, you will walk through a forest and walk alongside a stream. It was mostly shaded during this part of the trail.

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

Beautiful plants and the bridge before the waterfall

Finally, you will cross a bridge and will see lava rocks on one side of you (depending on where you start as I mentioned that there were two entrances). This trail is a loop so you may see it on your right side or the left. Since we came from the first entrance, the lava rocks were on the right side.

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

Taranaki Falls

Absolutely stunning am I right? I have seen many waterfalls all over but Taranaki Falls could be one of my favorite waterfalls at the moment. Maybe it’s being in a different place, so faraway from home that made it so special.

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

At the falls

As we started this hike pretty late, we couldn’t spend too much time at the falls as I would have liked to. My mother already left after a few minutes at the waterfall and she walked back the same way instead of completing the loop. My brother and I just followed after her.

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

Golden hour

Because of the time we started the hike, I was able to look back while on the trail and see this beautiful sight. Golden hour is one on my favorite times to shoot and hiking the trail during golden hour was beautiful. Do keep in mind that it’s best to complete the hike before the sun goes down. It can get really cold during winter (about 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter) and it’s absolutely dark at night.

Wander Hour - Taranaki Falls

Chateau Tongariro from the trail

As you are walking back towards the hotel, you will be able to see Chateau Tongariro in the distance. This is the hotel we stayed at during our time at the Tongariro National Park. The hike is about 3.7 miles round trip. I’m sure that’s the length of the loop and I’m not sure how far we hiked as we went back the same way. I heard the waterfall is exactly half way so we may have completed the 3.7 miles!

I wish we had more time to spend at Tongariro National Park! If you head up Mount Ruapehu, you can ski up there and there’s cafe at the top that we didn’t get to chance to visit! Definitely want to head back here when I do go back to New Zealand!

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The Claremont


Lo & Sons Claremont camera bag 

The Claremont

Disclosure: Lo & Sons sent me this product and all reviews/opinions are of my own. 

In 2003, I discovered my passion for photography. My family and I headed south of the border to Mexico to have lunch. It was a crisp, autumn day and it rained quite often throughout the day. We were at a seaside restaurant ordering seafood (I remember eating a shrimp cocktail, which oddly enough, is not my favorite dish ever) and I saw how beautiful the beach looked with it’s overcast skies. I quickly grabbed my disposable camera and took a shot that was so beautiful. This became the moment I fell in love with travel photography.

Wander Hour - Mexico

Shot in Mexico in the year 2003 with a disposable camera

Over the course of 13 years, I have had several cameras from point and shoot cameras to DSLRs. In those 13 years, I’ve only had one camera bag which I neglected to use. You know, those awful bulky, Canon camera bags. I attempted to use it for awhile but as someone who always carries her DSLR no matter where she is heading, it wasn’t necessarily the most fashion-forward camera bag.

The Bag

When Lo & Sons recently contacted me and sent me a bag, I received this beautiful Claremont in sienna. It is by far, the chicest camera bag I’ve seen to date. The craftsmanship is spot on, the leather is amazing, and the padded interior keeps your DSLR safe. There are two memory cards slots for those photographers who shoot a ton of photos as much as I do and shooting RAW takes up so much space! Always having extra memory cards is vital for those who shoot full time. Enclosed is a divider which can be used to separate the body and a small lens. Best of all, the divider is removal so you can easily take this bag from camera bag to an everyday bag seen above when Charles and I took time off to spend it at the beach. Thank you Lo & Sons for the Claremont bag!

I have my eyes on the Catalina Deluxe Large Weekender in midnight ash to use as a carry on for traveling. I love the various compartments and how it fits comfortably on top of a suitcase! Can not wait to purchase it.

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Around Auckland


Around Auckland

Auckland is one of the largest cities in New Zealand. Despite it being the most populous city in the country, it’s quite small compared to other metropolis all over the world such as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, or even Seattle. You can quickly walk up and down and all over and tackle most of the Central Business District (CBD) in one day if you choose to do so.

Mojo Coffee

Wander Hour - Mojo Coffee

Interior and mochaccino

Before our long, four-hour drive to Tongariro National Park, my family stopped at Mojo Coffee on Durham St. to grab a mochaccino before our drive. This is my second time at Mojo as my brother and I visited their location in the Auckland Art Gallery. I love it as much as I love Starbucks (but what does that say about me? Haha). Mojo is somewhat of a chain in New Zealand and there are various Mojos in Auckland. This particular one was right be our hotel (Barclay Suites).

Wintergarden at the Auckland Domain

Wander Hour - Auckland Domain

You might have remembered my joy and excitement when I first visited the Wintergarden back in May. That joy may have subsided on my recent visit as the garden wasn’t as “dreamy” as it was in May. Still, it was beautiful to browse through their new “collection” of flowers I suppose.


Wander Hour - Scarecrow

Beautiful blooms at Scarecrow and gorgeous anemones

Although the Wintergarden was a lackluster in the winter, the flowers at Scarecrow were just as beautiful as I remembered. One of the flowers that stood out to me from the rest was the beautiful white anemones. It was dark, eerie, and screamed autumn in every possible way.

Although New Zealand is known for it’s thrill-seeking activities (Zorbing, hiking, skiing, and what not), if you’re into the city like me, I highly recommend staying in Auckland for a few nights just to get a feel of the city and try the various restaurants there (Miss Moonshine’s, Giapo, Brothers Beer, Oaken, and Ortolana to name a few). Until then, looking forward to my next trip back to this beautiful country!

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Sky Tower


Sky Tower

Victoria St W & Federal St

Auckland 1010

New Zealand

I am one to never say no to a view from an observation deck. I thrive in cities and seeing views from above is always a favorite activity wherever I go whether it be Top of the Rock in New York, Tokyo City View in Tokyo, or Skydeck in Chicago, I am always in awe of city views. Sky Tower in Auckland is no exception.

It was a beautiful and sunny winter day in Auckland when my family and I went up the Sky Tower. Although I had previously went the last time I was in New Zealand, it was absolutely beautiful the second time around. When the lift (elevator) operator noted to us that the sky was clear and visibility is as far out as the eyes can see (and all the way out to the Coromandel Peninsula), my eyes were in for a treat.

Wander Hour - Sky Tower

Looking over the central business district

I have not seen such a clear day such as this day. The details, the color, and the contrast were so visually stunning, I could not stop taking photos.

In fact, it was such a beautiful day, people were jumping off Sky Tower. If you’re looking for adrenaline-inducing activity, you can jump off the Sky Tower. I haven’t tried as my fear of heights always keeps me from doing such activities. But you can see them jump off and it’s pretty cool to see.

Wander Hour - Sky Tower

Panoramic view of the waterfront

There were two levels you can view from at the Sky Tower. The first level is wear you can see the people jump. This level also has small glass floors throughout the floor. Very reminiscent of Skydeck in Chicago! The second level is where you find the view from above: floor to ceiling windows, a favorite of mine.

What I particularly enjoyed about my time in Sky Tower was the emptiness. When I was there in May (it was autumn at the time), there were so many people. Not exactly crowded, but compared to my recent trip, there were a lot. This time, I was able to take this photo and many more for a long period of time.

Sky Tower is definitely an attraction to visit if you’re ever in New Zealand. Is it as grandeur as other observation decks around the world? Probably not. But I love the humbleness of Sky Tower (and New Zealand in general) I’d go back again and again.

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