Kauai with Island Air


Wander Hour - Kapaa

Wander Hour - Kauai

The state of Hawaii consists of a chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Visiting the other accessible islands from the island of Oahu is easy as driving a car thanks to Island Air! As an Oahu-based blogger, it’s always a treat to visit the other islands and when Island Air challenged me to explore an island for twelve hours, I was all game!

For this trip, I visited the island of Kauai which holds a special place in my heart as Charles and I celebrated our 13th year anniversary earlier this year. Twelve hours in Kauai is extremely doable. Just check out the things I did while I was there:

Ha Coffee Bar

Wander Hour - Ha Coffee Bar

The warm, inviting space of Ha Coffee Bar and our coffee

We had an early start to our day by taking the earliest flight to Lihue from Honolulu (Flight 109 that departs at 6:05AM). We hopped on an ATR 72 with propellors. I’ve always been wary with propellor planes as I deemed it too small for my comfort but Island Air definitely changed my mind! After a short 40 or so minutes, we landed in Lihue and headed straight to Ha Coffee Bar for a cup of coffee after picking up our rental.

Mocha is my go-to drink wherever I go. I enjoyed my mocha and it’s one of my favorites that I’ve tasted. The space is warm and inviting and the baristas were as well. Located about five minutes from Lihue Airport, stopping by Ha Coffee Bar is a must for coffee drinkers!

Kalalau Lookout

Wander Hour - Kalalau Lookout

View from Kalalau Lookout

The last time I was in Kauai with Charles, we headed up north towards Hanalei and made our way around the island towards Waimea. By the time we arrived at Kalalau Lookout, there was no view as the clouds had taken over. I vowed that the next time I was on the island, I would have to stop at the Kalalau Lookout first and we did just that.

If you’re heading to Waimea Canyon, I would highly recommend stopping at Kalalau Lookout also as it a 20 minute drive from the Waimea Canyon Lookout. From here, you can view the gorgeous Kalalau Valley which is only accessible by a 22-mile round trip hike on the Kalalau Trail or by boat (if weather permits).

Waimea Canyon

Wander Hour - Waimea Canyon

View from the Waimea Canyon Lookout

As soon as we got a glimpse of the beautiful Kalalau Valley from the lookout, we headed back towards Waimea Canyon to check it out. Reminiscent of a small-scale Grand Canyon in Arizona, Waimea Canyon is a feast to the eyes and an unlikely landscape in Hawaii. Although it isn’t as grandeur as Arizona’s famed canyon, it’s worth a visit as the landscape is beautiful. There were about three helicopters flying in the canyon while we were there and if that’s something you’re interested in, definitely check it out. Safari Helicopters is one of several helicopter operators on the island that you can use to view the canyon up close.

Ishihara Market

Wander Hour - Ishihara Market

Cheap plate lunches and spicy ahi poke

In Waimea, try Ishihara Market (Yelp) for some cheap eats. The plate lunches are $5.99 and filled with lau lau or kalua pork, chicken long rice, lomi salmon, macaroni salad or greens, tako poke (octopus for those who aren’t familiar), and rice. We also ordered a spicy ahi poke. The plate lunches and poke are located at the deli.

The Fresh Shave

Wander Hour - The Fresh Shave

The Fu Manchu

For dessert, we headed back towards Lihue to stop at The Fresh Shave. The Fresh Shave has been on my list forever and I finally got the chance to try it this time around. I ordered the Fu Manchu: strawberry, banana, and cream topped with fresh strawberry puree and apple bananas.

The Fresh Shave is located outside of Warehouse 3540 which was a pretty cool spot for kid’s clothes, ladies’ swimwear, and other eats on Fridays!

Koloa Rum Company

Wander Hou - Koloa Rum

Entrance of Koloa Rum Company

After shave ice at The Fresh Shave, we stopped at Koloa Rum Company after hearing about their rum tasting (which is free by the way!). For those travelers who are 21 and over, it’s worth a visit to sample their various rums!

Wander Hour - Koloa Rum Company

Inside the gift shop and the rum tasting

In the gift shop, you put your name on the list and wait till their next tasting. We came just in time as the tasting started in four minutes.

Wander Hour - Koloa Rum

Various rums at the Koloa Rum Company

Although it was a short tasting, I enjoyed our time there and the bartender was a joy to be around! In case you’re wondering, the coconut and coffee rum were my favorites!

Wailua Falls

Wander Hour - Wailua Falls

View of Wailua Falls

For a quick access to a waterfall without the hassle of hiking, check out Wailua Falls. The parking is tiny but as there are tourists (and locals alike) marveling at Wailua Falls as a quick stop, a spot will open up eventually. Look over the fence and take in the beautiful sight of the waterfall.

Hanalei Pier

Wander Hour - Hanalei Pier

View from the pier

As we headed up north towards Hanalei, the weather took a turn for the worst and the once beautiful sky that illuminated Waimea Canyon turned dreary and overcast. We headed out on the pier and took in the landscape before venturing towards Tunnels.


Wander Hour - Tunnels

Hibiscus en route to Tunnels and the shoreline

A great place to snorkel if weather permits and the swells aren’t huge as they usually are in the winter. I definitely want to come back in the summer with the conditions are perfect for snorkeling.

Wailua Shave Ice

Wander Hour - Wailua Shave Ice

Lave flow shave ice and Wailua Shave Ice’s various flavors

Wailua Shave Ice: another stop for some shave ice. This time, I ordered a lava flow. Ever since moving to the island a few years ago, my love for pineapple has grown and with that being said, I loved this shave ice a lot! Located in Kapaa, there’s a lot to do in this part of the island and after shave ice, check out Kiko nearby. It is a cute boutique full of great gifts!

Wander Hour - Kiko

Right outside of Kiko

To wrap it up, here’s what I did in Kauai in 12 hours:

1.) Grabbed coffee at Ha Coffee Bar

2.) Checked out the view of Kalalau Valley at Kalalau Lookout

3.) Stopped by Waimea Canyon

4.) Grabbed some plate lunches and poke at Ishihara Market

5.) Stopped at The Fresh Shave for dessert

6.) Sampled some rum at Koloa Rum Company

7.) Marveled at Wailua Falls from the lookout

8.) Walked on Hanalei Pier

9.) Checked out Tunnels

10.) Grabbed shave ice at Wailua Shave Ice

11.) Browsed around Kiko, a cute boutique in Kapaa

As Kauai is a tiny island, I was able to cram so many activities in one day and still had time to wind down as soon as I arrived home by taking the last flight out (7:48PM)! Twelve hours in Kauai is incredibly doable and if you’re interested in visiting Kauai or any other islands in Hawaii, check out the flight schedules to see where Island Air can take you! Thanks Island Air for sending me to Kauai and back!

This post was sponsored by Island Air. Despite receiving compensation, all opinions are of my own.

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The Surfjack


Poolside and lunch at Mahina & Sun’s

The Surfjack

412 Lewers St

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

For four years, I have used the iPhone 5 as my smartphone. As each year that went by since 2012 and a new iPhone debuted to the masses, I’ve held back simply because my iPhone was in working condition. But don’t get me wrong, years prior (anytime before 2012), I was always updating my iPhone (from the iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 to iPhone 5). This time around, I decided to be more cautious on how I allocate money. But I finally gave in and I’m glad I did! Check out these shots I took while I was at The Surfjack over the weekend! I still love my Canon 6D of course but it’s great to have a phone that was able to capture these shots!

Wander Hour - The Surfjack

By the pool

Hope you guys had a great weekend (or at least try to be after the election). It’s been a stressful one for me as I’m moving to an new apartment this week. I’m excited for this new place though! Till next time

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Better Days


Nasty Gal romper (on sale for $23.20), Topshop Hat (on sale for $12.00), Pura Vida bracelets (courtesy of Pura Vida Bracelets)

“Well-behaved women seldom make history,” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Better Days

For all of the United States (and the rest of the world), this week has been an interesting week. I won’t divulge into my personal opinions about the election as I have pretty much exhausted all of my brainpower on it the day after. I will say this though: I have collected all of my energy that I could have spent reiterating what most of the people I know have said since then and decided to channel it into bettering myself.

I know I haven’t spent as much time on here as I would like to as I have spent the last month looking for a new place to move in to but I will continue to work harder. I have this newfound motivation that has resurfaced since the election that I hope can inspire me to never give up on my dreams despite obstacles I continually face.

Pura Vida

Wander Hour - Better Days

Rose Gold Bar Dark Grey, Rose Gold Circle Vanilla, and Flat Braided Dark Grey

But on a more lighter note, Pura Vida Bracelets graciously sent over these bracelets I picked out when they contacted me to collaborate! They have such a wide selection of these bracelets (in so many colors and styles) which are made by artisans in Costa Rica. They have also given back to charities all over the world which is awesome in my opinion! Check out their website for more! Happy Friday friends!

Disclaimer: Pura Vida Bracelets sent me these products and all reviews/opinions are of my own

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Weekends at Home


Homemade tacos & Curry’s DIY pet bed

Weekends at Home

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated life here instead of the travel and style posts that I’ve been doing lately so I decided to devote this post on what’s been going on at home. Charles had his rotating weekend off this past weekend and we spent it mostly at home working on a DIY for Curry and him cooking tacos:


Charles left for the grocery store one morning and came armed with ingredients to make tacos. He’s been making his pork belly tacos lately but for this particular day, he decided to make Mexican tacos with homemade tortillas, carne asada, onions, cilantro, and a salsa roja that’s quite similar to King Taco’s salsa roja! It was super delicious and I absolutely love the shot I took of it.

DIY Pet Bed

Charles and I have been dying to do some sort of DIY for awhile now. Last year, we searched long and hard for a pallet but to our dismay, it could never fit in the car. One day, while we were running, one of our neighbors had a pallet that they didn’t want so we snatched it! We finally got around to making something out of it only a year a later haha.

First we had to grab the materials: a jigsaw, table legs, nails, and top plates for the legs. Charles then pulled the pallet apart by using the jigsaw. Once he got all the pieces, he laid them out like a table on top of two pieces of wood to hold them together. He screwed in the top plates and then the table legs afterwards and voila! A bed! We initially put a pillow on top by Curry had a hard time jumping on because of his short legs. I went to Ross today and found a faux fur rug and he was able to jump onto no problem!

Overall, this weekend was pretty busy but still pretty chill at the same time. My mother is flying in today so I’ve been cleaning around the apartment and doing the laundry before she flies in. We plan to take her out this week since last week was her birthday so I’m really excited! Hopefully I get to take some shots which I haven’t been doing lately! Happy Tuesday friends!

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GPSMyCity Giveaway


GPSMyCity Giveaway

Giveaway now closed

Traveling will always be an amazing experience for me. Learning a new culture, whether domestically or internationally, is what I live for. Finding the best places to eat, where the locals hang out, and what attractions to visit can get overwhelming prior to the trip and even more so if you’re traveling internationally. From experience, it can get overwhelming while on a trip and you have to make sure you have all of your research that you prepped beforehand. I once had planned a Kauai trip and had written a list of places to eat. Needless to say, I had forgotten that list on the actual trip! Shame on me.

Anyway, I am a firm believer that there is always a solution to nearly almost every problem in this world. Cue in GPSMyCity: an app that can help with you travel woes. The app has curated travel articles from thousands of other travel bloggers, like myself, into one convenient app. How cool is that?
Wander Hour - GPSMyCity

In addition to the articles, you can find city maps, self-guided walking tours, and best of all, you can save it on offline mode! Definitely useful if you’re traveling abroad with your data off to avoid roaming charges. I spend a considerable amount of time in Japan and New Zealand looking for free Wi-Fi just to avoid those pesky roaming charges! Anyway, how neat is it that blog articles, city maps, and self-guided walking tours are all in one app? Very neat! In fact it is with pleasure that I announce that for this week only, GPSMyCity and I will be giving away a free upgrade for the following blog articles so that you can try it out!

First of all, download the app. If you’re on the iPhone or iPad, I have a banner above where you can download the app or you click this link: www.gpsmycity.com.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Chinatown in Honolulu

Wander Hour - Lucky Belly

Lucky Belly in Honolulu

Download 5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Chinatown in Honolulu

Dining in New York

Wander Hour - New York

Cafe Habana

Download Dining in New York

5 Places for Poke on Oahu

Wander Hour - Pupukea Grill

Pupukea Grill

Download 5 Places for Poke on Oahu

For this week only, you will be able to upgrade the apps for FREE! So download the app now if you’re heading to any of the above places in the future and check out the app for other great travel articles.

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links which means if you click on one of the links, I may receive compensation for it.

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