Dat Cajun Guy in Haleiwa has a different twist on North Shore Shrimp

Dat Cajun feast

Dat Cajun Guy
66-470 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, HI 96712

Last week, the boyfriend and I had a delicious lunch at Dat Cajun Guy in Haleiwa. I’ve always had this food truck bookmarked on Yelp and every time we tried to go, we would end up wanting to go to the North Shore on Sunday which is the day they are closed (as well as Wednesday but anyway) so when we were both off on a Friday, we decided to try the place out. And what made me want to eat here even more is that they are featured on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat at #77. Dat Cajun Guy is located in the lot full of food trucks in Haleiwa. The last time I was in the area (eating at a different food truck), there were way too many flies but there weren’t that many today so I can honestly say I enjoyed having lunch here. And what I love about Dat Cajun Guy is that they accept cards!

As for the food, we ordered: smoked sausage po-boy, sweet potato fries, gumbalaya, New Orleans style BBQ shrimp, and buffalo shrimp po-boy. The boyfriend and I LOOOOVED their food. The BBQ shrimp was really good that my boyfriend tried stealing the sauce my shrimp was in. The boyfriend said he could go without the smoked sausage po-boy but I really liked my buffalo shrimp po-boy. Sweet potato fries were good and the aioli it came with was just as good and the boyfriend enjoyed the gumbalaya. The sweet lady that took our order was super nice and they bring out the food for you.

I’ve never been to New Orleans so I’m not sure how the food here measures up to their’s (and trust me, I am that food snob who has tried several Mexican food here in Hawai’i and it definitely does not compare to back home), but I can tell you that Dat Cajun Guy is one of the top places I would eat at the North Shore. It’s definitely different from the normal shrimp you get at the North Shore.

Dat Cajun sausage po boy
Cajun gumbalaya
Cajun's famous BBQ shrimp


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green photo diary

Green palm trees
Green turtle
Green bamboo Forrest

palm trees in waikiki || turtle in the north shore || road to hana || sunflower fields || dairy free coconut ice cream from coconut glen’s on the road to hana || bamboo forest in maui || road passed the town of hana || ritz-carlton in maui || north shore || palm trees in ko olina || furikake pan seared ahi from nico’s || brunch at orchids || sunflowers in chicago || bamboo at the huntington library in california || ko olina palm trees || trees in portland || looking up || black sand beach || wearing a vintage dress at the huntington library || portland japanese garden in portland, oregon || somewhere in waikiki

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eat the street

Eat the streetWowwow lemonade eat the street
Deep fried spam Musubi
Dinosaur bones

lilikoi lemonade, pineapple li hing lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and blueberry and lavender lemonade from wow wow waffle ||  lilikoi macarons, hawaiian salt caramel macarons, red velvet macarons, and strawberry guava macarons || spicy ahi poke fried musubi from hawaii’s fried musubi|| fried spam and bacon musubi also from hawaii’s fried musubi || red velvet cheesecake malasadas from the local stop || dinosaur bones

Eat the Street is a monthly food truck event here in Hawai’i. We went to the one in Mililani after hearing from my coworker that the theme was bacon. This event was absolutely packed! There were so many food trucks and food vendors and after 4 mason jars of lemonade, we were too full to try everything. Lilikoi lemonade was my favorite. So was the strawberry guava and red velvet macarons (and it’s extremely hard for me to like macarons after trying Ladurée in New York City). The red velvet cheesecake malasadas weren’t too bad. I really enjoyed both fried musubis and the dinosaur bone was pretty delicious (or so I heard).

Check out their website for the next Eat the Street event. I’m pretty sure I’ll be there! Eat the Street.

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